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Italian born, London based, American rooted singer songwriter

Gian Luca official music page. Italian born, London based, American rooted folk singer songwriter.

EP Release - Mailing List and FREE Download

It's now only -3 to the release of The Flowers Never Grown on Saturday for Record Store Day.

I am putting together a very infrequent mailing list, that will go out once in a while, just to keep it easy to update you about Gian Luca & The Oak's new releases, gigs, projects and whatnot. 

It's a beautiful sunny day here in London, life feels good and to thank you for all the support you show by subscribing to the mailing list I would like to give y'all a real taste of the my debut EP/mini-album: an exclusive free download of One Day. 

Just click on the button below, fill the form (it will take 30 seconds), confirm your email address and you will receive a welcome email with a special link to the exclusive download of One Day.

One Day is one of the tracks from The Flowers Never Grown, releases April 22, 2017


Gianluca Gentile: vocals, guitar, banjo
Emanuela Monni: drums
Robyn Hemmings: double bass
Karl M. Smith: violin
Chelsea Bridget Bognuda: backing vocals

Artwork: William Schaff
Design: Barbara Sellam


That's all for today but more to come before the release on Saturday.

Stay tuned!


'The Flowers Never Grown' by Gian Luca & The Oak will be released via Bandcamp on Saturday 22nd April for Record Store Day 2017.