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EP Release - Line Up pt. 2

-5 to the release of The Flowers Never Grown and we have another sneak peek for you today.

A couple of days ago, I told you about all the awesome people that got involved in this project, musically and non. 

I have also revealed the core band I had the pleasure to work with recording these tracks.

Not everything has been said yet regarding the line up so here are a few more amazing musicians that helped out and contributed to the current shape of some of the tracks on The Flowers Never Grown:

Christelle Canovas: backing vocals on 'Let You Be' and 'Pleatings on the Waters'

Chelsea Bridget Bognuda: backing vocals on 'One Day', 'Round and Round' and 'Pleatings on the Waters'

Mark Gilyead: trombone on 'Pleatings on the Waters'

Paul Jennings: trumpet on 'Pleatings on the Waters'

And some pictures of them rocking out or even doing their hair in the studio...

That's all for today but more to come in the next few days 'til the release.

Stay tuned!


'The Flowers Never Grown' by Gian Luca & The Oak will be released via Bandcamp on Saturday 22nd April for Record Store Day 2017.