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EP Release - Studio Credits

-7 to the release of The Flowers Never Grown.

I revealed part of the line up yesterday and from what you might have seen from the pictures, we were indeed in an amazing space.

Aside from a few minor parts recorded by myself, most of The Flowers Never Grown was recorded at Soup Studio in Limehouse (London) between the end of June and October 2016. Recorded and mixed by the awesome Giles Barrett and mastered by Simon Throught who did a fantastic job and couldn’t have dealt better with my fussiness. A special thank you goes also to Dave who helped out with recording too. 

It felt just incredible to able to use such a beautiful space, filled with absolutely stunning vintage instruments and positive vibes, and to be able to work closely with amazing engineers and musicians. I even had the honour to record the tracks with an original 1945 Gibson acoustic…

We recorded drums, bass, guitar and vocals live in studio which was a new and challenging experience but it worked out just great.

Here are some more pics for you:

See you tomorrow with a special Easter presents for y’all.

Stay tuned!


'The Flowers Never Grown' by Gian Luca & The Oak will be released via Bandcamp on Saturday 22nd April for Record Store Day 2017.