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EP Release - Tracklist

- 9 days today 'til the digital release of The Flowers Never Grownmy debut EP/mini-album on Saturday 22nd April.

Time to share with y'all a bit more about it. 

So EP or mini-album? I have no idea! :) But I can tell you that it will consist of 6 tracks, for the overall length of 24 minutes. The original idea included 7 tracks, and we actually recorded 7 tracks but ended up deciding to leave one out. It just didn't feel quite right... it might be released in the future or it might be not.

The 6 tracks of The Flowers Never Grown were written between 2012 and 2016. They went through a few different stages, were performed live a lot (especially between 2014 and 2016) 'til they reached the shape they have today. Will this be their definitive shape? Only time can tell.

Here's the tracklist:


More about the EP release to come tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


'The Flowers Never Grown' by Gian Luca & The Oak will be released via Bandcamp on Saturday 22nd April for Record Store Day 2017.