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EP release - Name

Here we are again. It is now - 10 days to the release of my debut EP/mini-album The Flowers Never Grown and I have a third piece of information about it for y'all...

Yeah that's right, the project will be released under the new monicker Gian Luca & The Oak.

I had some incredible people, from all nationalities and backgrounds, getting involved and helping out with their talents for every aspect of this work, musical and non, in every imaginable way. And it brought me back...

There is a giant oak tree in the garden of the royal palace in my hometown. It must have been there for hundreds of years though since I was a kid I can only picture it in the exact same way: its ancient trunk, so weary and so proud, old and noble, sustaining its strewn branches, each one departing in their own way. I see it growing its spiral leaves with their rounded edges and never dropping them, once dead, until another spring comes around. And its fruit, tough and patient, with its lone seed that can take from 6 up to 18 to months to mature.

Well, I am not sure why, but it felt right!


More about the EP release to come tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


'The Flowers Never Grown' by Gian Luca & The Oak will be released via Bandcamp on Saturday 22nd April for Record Store Day 2017.