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2014: A Few Stories On My Shoulders And A Blog Around The Bend

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With 2014's evaluations everywhere, I've been caught by the irrepressible need to put down a few as well. To tell you the truth,  I wanted to write a song about it (quite expected, I know) but then I ended up writing too much, as always do, so it seemed a valid reason to start this post. 


I think this last year has had its moments.

I’ve seen the love deterioration and I’ve learned that, although certain feelings never cease, sometimes you have to accept that it’s just a matter of finding each other, in the same moment.                                                         

I‘ve chosen to come back to my music trying to alleviate that weight on my stomach and, despite struggling with money, the thousands jobs you have to do to pay the bills and all the sleepless nights spent trying to put down some words, finish a song, learn a melody cause the day after won’t have the time at work, with the neighbours knocking on the walls imposing you to stop (for fuck’s sake!), despite all that I’ve learned that if there’s something in this world who can let you feel yourself as a whole, such as spit out your soul holding a guitar on a stage, regardless of the cachet, the coolness of the venue, the amount of people listening to you, then you just have to go for it and the rest is minor details. 

I had the chance to meet a lot of people like I probably never did before and I’m so thankful for that cause I’ve learned that sometimes it doesn’t take long to find a friend, but people also tend to use each others and I realized how much you can feel lonely with yourself, but I would give anything I could possibly have just for that infinitesimal moment of real, true, connection and empathy. Whether if it’s about sharing a part of you on and off the stage or a late night with a couple of guitars, a few beers and a bunch of friends singing like there’s no tomorrow, because it’s so incredibly fulfilling when you have a river you can skate away on (thanks for that Joni!). People have stories, sometimes you’re lucky enough to share your own with them, some other times they just cross your path for a little while but, despite the indifference and the pain they may leave behind, it’s still worth the world to listen.

Too many times this year I’ve heard of people passed away and I’ve learned that, no matter the reason why or how close you felt to them, it feels like you always lose a little piece of your heart.

And I’ve been in this city long enough to understand that I don’t want to live just for the weekend.

I’ve experienced how, despite the distances and all the life difficulties, family and friends going back a long way can be always there for you and I’ve learned that you only need a moment of sharing, a small gesture or thought to realize that some things never change.

So, yes, this last year has had its moments like every other year. You lose something and find something else, you fall and raise up again. Bad things happen and beautiful things happen too but, at the end of the day, you end up gaining just a bit more of yourself, and that’s my best wish for the New Year.

Happy 2015 to everybody!